Growing Portfolio

United Kingdom

Velocita’s UK portfolio consists of over 15 projects in development, totalling over 530MW, one wind farm completed in 2014, the Maerdy windfarm in Wales, and one in operation, the AOE wind farm in Scotland.


Velocita owns a portfolio of 23 wind energy projects in France, with a consolidated total of over 750MW of energy potential. This portfolio is being developed for the group under an exclusive relationship with Velocita’s partner in France. When the projects are fully permitted, we will build them using our own financial and construction management resources. Construction of the Lomont wind farm has started in January 2015. The wind farm consists of 11 wind turbines and 31 MW. The wind farm will be built in two phases with 5 turbines to be grid connect in 2015 and the remaining 6 to go operational in the third quarter of 2018.