Velocita Group

Velocita finances and builds utility-scale wind energy projects across Europe. 

Our strategy is to develop and build projects that we have either developed in house or developed in close cooperation with local partners. 

We aim to finance our development and construction of projects through a prudent mix of our own equity resources and project debt arranged through our strong relationships with key commercial lenders.


Completed Projects

The Maerdy wind farm in Wales, 24 MW. This windfarm was sold to Greencoat in June 2014. For further information please visit

In operation

The AOE wind farm in Scotland, 12 MW.

In construction

Lomont windfarm in Franche-Compté, France, 31 MW.

Project Pipeline

The Group’s UK portfolio consists of over 15 wind energy projects in development, totalling over 450 MW.

The Group’s French portfolio consists of over 23 projects in development, totalling over 750 MW.

Business Objectives

Our objective is to be a leading independent European developer, owner and operator of onshore wind projects. To achieve this, we are committed to dealing with our projects, partners and other stakeholder groups with transparency, efficiency and integrity. We also comply fully with the Equator principles of sustainable business and ethical conduct.

We have a strong tradition of working together with local partners and developers as evidenced by our current development pipeline. We are keen to explore relationships with new partners and to combine high quality pipelines with our skills in development and also in financing, construction and operation of wind projects.

Our in-house team has the experience and resources to efficiently evaluate a wind project for technical, commercial and environmental feasibility and attractiveness. This comprehensive analysis addresses the technical integrity of the project, the likely timescale to fully permitted status (and to connection to the local and national grid, if appropriate), and the financial viability of both the project and the operating wind farm.


Our major stakeholder is a renewable energy investment fund managed by Riverstone Holdings LLC, an energy and power-focused investment firm. More can be found out about Riverstone by visiting

2020 Renewables

In July 2012 Velocita merged its UK business with 2020 Renewables, a Scottish developer and constructor of wind farms, specialising in the consenting, construction and operation of renewables projects. With its extensive sector experience, the 2020 team brings to the Velocita group the capability to deliver every aspect of a UK project. For further information please visit