Velocita Energy Developments (Velocita) was established in early 2011 in partnership with Riverstone Holdings to finance the development, construction, ownership and operation of utility-scale wind energy projects in several countries in Europe. We currently operate in the UK and France, with a total portfolio under active development of over 1,200 MW.

In May 2011, Velocita acquired the French onshore wind energy project development portfolio of E.ON – 23 projects with over 750MW of capacity. Through our French operating company Opale Velocita Energies, we are currently developing these projects in partnership with Opale Energies Naturelles, a well-established renewable energy project development specialist.

In November 2011, we acquired the Maerdy wind farm, a high-quality, fully-developed wind farm project in Wales. With eight wind turbines totalling 24MW, the project generates enough energy to power 13,000 households. We completed the pre-construction and debt financing stages in June 2012 and commercial operation started in August 2013.

In July 2012, we acquired 2020 Renewables, a Scotland-based consultancy with (at that time) a team of eight energy professionals and over 15 projects in development totalling over 450MW.

In July 2012, as part of 2020, we acquired the AOE wind farm, a fully-permitted wind farm project in Scotland with five wind turbines totalling 12MW. We completed the pre-construction and debt financing stages in July 2013, construction has now started and take over is scheduled for late 2014.