Velocita Energy Developments (Velocita) was established in early 2011 in partnership with Riverstone Holdings to finance the development, construction, ownership and operation of utility-scale wind energy projects in several countries in Europe. 

In May 2011, Velocita acquired the French onshore wind energy project development portfolio of E.ON – 23 projects with over 750MW of capacity. Through our French operating company Velocita Energies, we are currently developing these projects in partnership with Opale Energies Naturelles, a well-established renewable energy project development specialist.

In November 2011, we acquired the Maerdy wind farm, a high-quality, fully-developed wind farm project in Wales. With eight wind turbines totalling 24MW, the project generates enough energy to power 13,000 households. We completed the pre-construction and debt financing stages in June 2012 and commercial operation started in August 2013. The project was sold to Greencoat in June 2014.

In July 2012, we acquired 2020 Renewables, a Scotland-based consultancy with (at that time) a team of eight energy professionals and over 15 projects in development totalling over 450MW.

In July 2012, as part of 2020, we acquired the AOE wind farm, a fully-permitted wind farm project in Scotland with five wind turbines totalling 12MW. We completed the pre-construction and debt financing stages in July 2013 and commercial operations started in November 2014. This project was sold to NTR in September 2016 together with the Airies wind farm.

In November 2016, we completed the sale of the French portion of Velocita’s onshore wind development business in France, together with its 453MW onshore wind pipeline, which included the Monts du Lomont Phase 1 wind farm, to Envision Energy.